Buying Land In Santa Fe

A Few Ideas on Site Selection

Careful site selection is extremely important for anyone in the process of choosing a piece of property for a new home. We often tell our clients that careful consideration of the location of a potential building can save time and money and prevent design flaws that prove irrecoverable.  Let’s elaborate on some of the considerations.

The first element to consider is the view, whether it is a view of the distant mountains, a view of the city lights, or one that you create for yourself in the landscape outside your window. The old real-estate formula “Location, location, location” is as meaningful as ever, and in Santa Fe that often means view. Determine if the view will be obstructed, especially by a future building on a neighboring lot. If there are building envelopes established, how do they effect the positions of any future houses?

Next, look at the proximity of existing and future houses to discover if there are any unresolvable problems with privacy. Many times privacy can be maintained by the proper placement, sizing, and orientation of the windows. Sometimes the nearest road or a driveway can impose upon a home with noise or with headlights flashing through the windows at night. I am always amazed at how one well-placed tree can screen out an objectionable feature. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of a steep or rocky site. Some locations can add as much as $20 to $50 per square foot to the cost of construction due to complex foundations and difficult excavation.

The city, county, and subdivision requirements can also result in limitations to what can be designed and constructed. The city has ridge top ordinances. The county has limitations regarding site steepness. Subdivisions often have height restrictions. Be sure to find out if the property has special restrictions placed upon it.

Check to see what, if any, utilities are in place. Is there a transformer for the electrical service? Is the house less than 400 feet from the transformer. If not, you may be in for an added expense to get the service to the home. Is there an existing water meter? Does the property need a well drilled or can a well be shared with a neighboring home? What kind of cable television and phone line access is available? Is natural gas available or will you need to use propane? Is there a community sewer system or will you have a septic system?

Tierra Team is willing to look at a homesite and give their opinions on the pros and cons connected with that site. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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